Free shipping bar for Woocommerce


Easiest way to increase average order value in Woocommerce

Main features

  • Increase your store’s AOV in just a few clicks
  • Specify where and how to display the widget
  • Customize the look of the widget to reflect your brand

All features

  • Delivery zone and country - You can set a default delivery zone for free shipping calculations. Used when the customer does not provide a shipping address.
  • Display settings -Choose where you want the free shipping bar widget to appear. On the minicart and cart? On mobile devices? Elsewhere via shortcodes?
  • Text customization - Customize the widget text for both states. For when the customer has not yet qualified for free shipping and for when they have. Use variables to personalize the text.
  • Shortcodes and attributes - You can use shortcodes to display the widget anywhere other than the cart and minicart. You can also customize it using widget appearance, cta text, and success text attributes.
  • CSS stylesheets - Thanks to the CSS stylesheet with variables, you can easily customize the look of the entire widget. Set the color of texts, links and their hovers, backgrounds, borders or progress bar.
  • All for free - All plugin features are free of charge. You can use them indefinitely on one or more sites. In addition, thanks to the Plugin Manager, directly under your own brand.

Minimal requirements

  • PHP version: 7.2 
  • PHP extensions: cUrl 
  • WordPress version: 5.0 
  • WooCommerce version: 5.0 

Thisplugin manager

We also provide you with an easy tool to install, update and manage our plugins and licenses, with the option to set up your own branding. And it is absolutely free.


Minicart Free shipping bar (not qualified status)

Cart Free shipping bar (not qualified status)

Settings tab (General, text and design settings)

Shortcodes tab (Information about shortcodes options)

CSS stylesheets tab (Edit CSS via main variables or the entire css code)

What people say about Free shipping bar

“There are many options and plugins to set up free shipping. I like this one because it is simple and has a lot of customization options. It is also easy to update thanks to the ThisPlugin Manager.” PETER

“This plugin is free. It is reliable and has many good setup options. I found it and looked no further. Also, this plugin convinced me and I tried other plugins from ThisPlugin as well.” ALEXANDER


How to get and install Free Shipping Bar plugin?

It’s really easy. All you have to do is download ThisPlugin Manager from this link. You can learn more about the manager and its features at this link.

Open the manager and click on the Get for free link to Gumroad to get a Free Shipping Bar plugin license. Then add the license to the manager and install the plugin.

Before installing the plugin, check the minimum requirements for its installation – PHP version: 7.2, PHP extensions: cUrl, WordPress version: 5.0, WooCommerce version: 5.0.

Can a free license expire?

Our free license does not expire. You can use it indefinitely with an unlimited number of sites. And with the Manager, under your own brand.

More information you will find on our website.

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Free shipping bar for Woocommerce

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